Dads teach your little daughters how to use hand tools

in exactly the same way you teach your young sons

Girls benefit from spending time with their dads and they generally enjoy learning these skills from a young age. Later, it will increase their self-esteem and confidence. 


It benefits every woman to learn these skills, giving them more independence and the ability to take care of things themselves and not be unnecessarily reliant on others.


Girls currently have very narrow career options when compared with men. They are generally steered towards hospitality, retail, office work, nursing or teaching, but things are changing. It's important that women form positive relationships and actively choose pathways which allow them to believe in their capability.


Dads who teach young girls how to make and fix things are opening up more options for their daughter's future.


It’s well known that we have a skills shortage in Australia in most trades. Well, that shouldn’t come as a surprise when we all but leave out half the potential workforce.


Learning to use tools from an early age can open up fulfilling career options for girls that would otherwise be unavailable to them.


We should look at the potential in our young women – there is nothing stopping them from building a successful career as a tradie.


In addition, the changing nature of work and our society means a big percentage of girls will end up spending time as single mothers – and these skills will come in handy.


SALT put out this call to Aussie dads  and had a wonderful response from all across Australia.


Dads and daughters phoned in to lots of radio shows that and had wonderful stories to tell about how they had done this. It was great to hear how good they felt it had been to have or teach these skills.

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