Nichole Hopley

Trade:  Fitter and Turner. Specialising in Maintenance.

My trade story began in yr 8 at school. After completing metal work and realising I loved working with my hands I began to look for work experience in the engineering fields. My then careers advisor wouldn’t allow me to find a suitable employer in the industry and steered me towards something “more fitting”.

I followed family tradition and did the work experience with a local bakery and hated it.

In year 10 I begun VET Engineering and continued into yr 11.

I then applied for an apprenticeship with ADI as a fitter & machinist.

Become the first female to finish any apprenticeship at the site. (Then employing 400 plus)

From there I moved on to a new employer and commenced the position of facilities and maintenance supervisor.

As of 2018 I will begin a new chapter of my career as a sales rep for a bearing supply company.