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‘Jobs Don’t Have a Gender’: How SALT Helps Women Pick up the Tools
When Fi Shewring started work as a painter and decorator with her husband-to-be Peter 26 years ago...
SEEK Alt Route
Changing careers is no small feat. Follow the journey of ex-radio host Kyran Wheatley as he talks with experts...
ABC iView
If You See It, You Can Be It Mechanic in ABC iView
ABC iView
If You See It, You Can Be It Carpenter in ABC iView
Creative Hive
A few years ago a friend’s kids, Hendrix and Neave, finished high school. They live in a country town and are pretty active in the...
Winner of the diversity company of the year 2019
ABC Story
A new workshop in the Northern Territory encourages young women to realise their potential in a traditionally male-dominated arena...
999ABC Radio Interview September 2018
SALT (Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen)
9 News Darwin
A game changing initiative inspiring more young women to consider a career in trade has made its way…