Amy Sirc

Amy Sirc

Trade - Carpentry/Bricklaying

Previously working in hospitality management and in fashion design, Amy had a desire for something more challenging and found herself entering the trades  at 29.

After being inspired by an article written about women who changed careers and entered into male dominated industries, carpentry was top of the list of things to try.

Like some women who venture into the unknown, Amy wasn’t entirely sure how to get started. With a quick chat with her local TAFE, Amy enrolled in a short taster course in carpentry and bricklaying in 2016.

After 9 weeks, she was hooked and the following year Amy secured her position in the pre-apprenticeship course. Amy also took on night trade bricklaying and was the first and only ever student to study both carpentry and bricklaying at the same time at Wollongong TAFE. In 2017, Amy was awarded an Excellence in Training Award from the Master Builders Association for her enthusiasm in bricklaying.

Through the TAFE, Amy picked up an apprenticeship and started her trade journey part time while finishing off both the pre-apprenticeship program as well as night trade.

Amy is a now half way through her 3rd year as a carpentry apprentice and has her bricklaying qualification under her belt. She is loving her trade and is looking forward to a solid career ahead of her.