Trade - Electrician

I took all the academic HSC subjects, only to become very disillusioned with the idea of further full-time study, and had met my husband early on in life, and was not keen on relocating to study what I thought I wanted to do.

So, instead of studying veterinary science, I thought about the subjects I was taking, and what I liked. I really enjoyed physics, and started looking at jobs that involved that particular science. I decided to become an electrician.

After 12 months of applying, sitting pre-aptitude tests, doing a pre apprenticeship course, and being told I was too smart to be a tradie, I landed an apprenticeship 5 mins from home. I stuck it out for 4 years, in the mining/industrial sector, and got my trade qualification.

I now work for myself. I have undertaken major renovations on my home. I have built a lifestyle for myself, and my husband, thanks to my trade. And, instead of becoming a vet and dealing with sick animals, I just adopted two beagles. Compromises!