Trade - Electrician

Age you entered trade and how.
I started at 20. I always wanted to do something challenging and outside the box. After a few years off when finishing school and taking life not to seriously I began to pester my dad again for work since he wouldn't let me leave school in year 10 to start the trade.

What attracted you to your trade?
Doing something new everyday and being outdoors. I go mad if we are at one job site for too long!

What challenges did you face?
My own self belief. Still do. I feel as though I don't know enough to count myself as a qualified tradesman!

What kept you going?
Support networks, I am very lucky to work with so many other older tradesmen who are amazed at what I can do. That and SALT! It's fantastic for realising you're not on your own.

What makes you really proud?
Over coming the battles I have and seeing my work completed perfectly.

What do you believe are the benefits of working in a trade as opposed to more traditional employment?
I am such a healthier person! Physically and mentally. It's so nice to be independent as well.

What do you love most about your trade?
Meeting new customers! I am from a small country town and the customers we have are incredible. So many interesting stories!

What triumphs have you had?
Over coming depression. Finishing my trade was a massive milestone for me to feel I've achieved something. Whilst at times it felt the cause of my depression it taught me I can do absolutely anything!

What do you do in your spare time?
I have recently started a blog to share my love for interior and homewares. When I am not working I love time outdoors with my dog, Mini and horse Ryan. Or just being on the farm. Summer months consist of a lot of water activities.